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Wildix WS08POE module 8 doors Switch Rack pbx poe

Wildix WS08POE module 8 doors Switch Rack pbx poe

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The Wildix WS08POE is a PBX Switch module with 8 doors, all equipped with Power Over Ethernet (Poe) technology. This form was used only for limited tests, therefore it is practically new.

The WS08POE offers a versatile solution for connecting VoIP devices, IP phones and other network devices. Thanks to the support for Poe, it is possible to feed these devices through the network cable itself, thus eliminating the need for additional power supply.

This form is ideal for companies that try to simplify and optimize network management. The 8 doors offer large connection possibilities and the Rack-Mount design allows easy installation within a cabinet rack.

The WS08POE is compatible with the Wildix system and can be integrated without problems in your existing infrastructure. In addition, thanks to its advanced characteristics, the module guarantees a stable and reliable connection, which translates into a clear audio and a communication without interruption.

Buying the Wildix WS08POE means making a safe and lasting investment for your communication needs in a modern corporate environment. Optimate the management of the network and enjoy a stable and reliable connectivity with this high quality Switch Rack PBX Poe module.
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