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Wildix VISION IP phone-white color fixed phone

Wildix VISION IP phone-white color fixed phone

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The IP Wildix VISION-white color phone, is the latest innovation in the field of corporate communications. This device, equipped with advanced VOIP technology, offers a superior calling experience, thanks to its excellent sound quality and integrated advanced functionalities.

With an elegant and modern design, the IP Wildix VISION phone integrates seamlessly into any work environment, ensuring a refined and professional look. Equipped with a high-definition screen and an intuitive keyboard, the Wildix VISION offers an easy-to-use user interface, which allows you to make calls in a few passages.

Thanks to the VOIP technology, the IP Wildix VISION phone allows you to make calls across the internet instead of the traditional telephone line. This translates into lower costs and significant savings for the company. In addition, the Wildix VISION supports wireless connections, allowing for greater flexibility and ease of use.

In addition to the basic functionalities of a fixed phone, such as inbound / outbound calls and answering machine, the Wildix VISION also offers a wide range of advanced services. These include the ability to transfer calls, three-way conferences, block of unwanted calls, and intelligent contact management.

In addition, the Wildix VISION IP phone is equipped with a wide storage for archiving contact and call logs, ensuring maximum efficiency and organization. Thanks to its synchronization function with mobile devices, it is possible to have access to contact and call recordings wherever you are.

Finally, Wildix VISION is very reliable and secure, thanks to the encryption of the calls and integrated protection measures. This feature guarantees the privacy and security of corporate communications.

In conclusion, the IP Wildix VISION phone represents the ideal choice for anyone looking for a state-of-the-art corporate telephony device. With its VOIP technology and a wide range of functionality, the Wildix VISION offers superior performance and an amazing communication experience.
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