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Power Injector Unifi Ubiquiti Poe

Power Injector Unifi Ubiquiti Poe

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The Power Injector Unifi Ubiquiti Poe is an adapter that offers the Power Over Ethernet (Poe) power functionality for Ubiquiti devices. Thanks to this accessory, it is possible to transform almost all Ubiquiti Poe devices into products fully compatible with the 802.3AF standard.

This Power Injector has been designed for internal use and integrates perfectly with a wide range of commutators and Poe products that use the 100 Mbps doors. This includes devices such as Airmax, Airvision, Unifi and Mfi.

The Power Injector Unifi Ubiquiti Poe guarantees an entrance power of 48 V with the sensing capability option and an output power of 18 V, 0.7 A. These specifications allow you to feed the Ubiqui Poe devices efficiently and safely.

Thanks to the availability of numerous units, both for individual users and for companies, it is possible to satisfy any need for Poe's power supply. This means that it does not matter how many equipment Ubiquiti Poe you want to feed, the Power Injector Unifi Ubiquiti Poe will be able to support your configuration.

In conclusion, if you want to feed your Ubiquiti Poe devices in a simple and efficient way, the Power Injector Unifi Ubiquiti Poe is the ideal solution. Thanks to its compatibility with the 802.3AF standard and its high quality characteristics, this adapter will allow you to feed Ubiquiti Poe devices with ease and safety.
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