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Hard Disk SSD 128GB SATA 6GBIT/S 2.5 "

Hard Disk SSD 128GB SATA 6GBIT/S 2.5 "

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Our 128GB SSA 6GBIT/S 2.5 "Hard Disk Disk is the perfect solution for those looking for greater speed and reliability for their IT systems. Equipped with a storage capacity of 128GB, you will have all the space you have Need to store your files, photos, videos and important documents.

With a 6gbit/s data transfer speed, you can enjoy a more fluid and faster experience experience than traditional hard disk. Compatibility with Windows operating systems, Mac and Linux makes our SSD suitable for any type of computer, regardless of the platform used.

Our SSD Hard Disk is designed to provide optimal performance, thanks to its 5V voltage and the power of use of only 4W. This means that you can save energy without compromising the performance of your system.

In addition, the Hard Disk SSD is extremely resistant to impact and vibrations, offering greater security for your data. Thanks to its 2.5 "format, it is compact and efficient, allowing you to easily install it on your computer or laptop.

Whether you are working, playing or simply browsing the Internet, our 128GB SSD 6GBIT/S 2.5 "hard disk represents a reliable and performing choice to improve the performance of your system. Do not be satisfied with less and move on to the future of the storage technology with our Hard Disk SSD.
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