Sell ​​your hardware

Guide to the sales process of the assets used in Neakosmo: from online evaluation to second sustainable life

Do you have used assets you want to sell? With Neakosm, the process is simple and efficient. Here's how it works, step by step:


Phase 1: Hardware collection online request

  1. Start from the customer: the process starts with you, the customer. Use our online service to request the evaluation and collection of your used assets. A hardware list will be requested with their respective serial numbers for an accurate evaluation.


Phase 2: online evaluation and economic offer

  1. Quick evaluation: once the details of the hardware is received, our team will start the evaluation process. In a few hours, you will receive a detailed evaluation of the hardware, together with an economic offer based on the value and conditions of the assets.


Phase 3: collection, delivery and payment

  1. Acceptance of the offer: after receiving the offer, you can decide whether to accept it. Once accepted, the process enters the collection phase.


  1. Safe collection: Neakosm will deal with hardware collection directly from your place. The assets will be taken safely and efficiently, ensuring maximum tranquility.


  1. Delivery and payment: Once the assets have been delivered and verified, the payment will be made. This step guarantees a transparent and complications process.


Phase 4: Hardware renewal or conversion

  1. Preparation for the new life: after delivery, Neakosm will start the process of renewal or conversion of the hardware. At this stage, the memory of the devices will be canceled or extracted, preparing them for the subsequent phase of the life cycle.


Phase 5: evaluation of the real life cycle based on cases of recovered hardware

  1. Analysis after 2 months: about 2 months after the asset retreat, you will receive a detailed relationship. This report will contain two key components: the LCA report (Life Cycle Assessment) and a detailed report on the second life of each asset.


  1. LCA report: The LCA report will measure the environmental impact of the asset life cycle, demonstrating the effectiveness of your sustainable actions.


  1. Details on the second life: the detailed report will provide you with information on the next life of each asset. It will be indicated if the asset has been renewed, converted or recycled, underlining the importance of your choice for a more sustainable future.


From the past to the future: selling with sustainability 

With Neakosmo, the sales process of used assets goes beyond the transaction. It is an opportunity to promote sustainability and contribute to the lifestyle cycle responsible for hardware. Our online platform simplifies the process, offering speed, transparency and efficiency. From the collection to the analysis of the environmental impact, Neakosm is the ideal partner to transform your past into a sustainable future.


Title: "Neakosm: transform obsolete assets into sustainable and social opportunities

In the era of accelerated technological innovation, the increase in electronic waste has become a global challenge. Companies and organizations are faced with the arduous task of facing the life cycle of their IT assets at the end of life, while looking for solutions to reduce the environmental impact and promote sustainability. In this scenario, Neakosmo comes into play, an entity that is laid the foundations for a sustainable revolution through the recycling and reuse of the assets.


A sustainable revolution for companies and organizations

Neakosmo took the initiative to implement a scheme of enhancement of IT assets at the end of life. Whether they are from companies or have already been conferred on collection and treatment of electronic waste, Neakosm undertakes to give them a second life through a circular perspective. This innovative approach not only contributes to reducing the waste of precious resources, but opens the doors to circular economy policies that can make a real difference in industry.


Impact for financial companies and large companies

Financial companies and large companies are increasingly facing the challenge of reducing their environmental impact and demonstrating their commitment to sustainability. Neakosmo places itself as an ally in this mission, enabling circular economy policies that are not only impacting, but also practices. Through our intervention, these organizations can proudly communicate their sustainable and social actions to shareholders and end customers, contributing to a more green and conscious future.


Simplicity, sustainability and social support

Neakosmo offers a process of withdrawal and sale of the assets simple and efficient. In addition, our commitment to sustainability extends through the LCA analysis (Life Cycle Assessment), which allows us to draw up an accurate sustainability report. We want to actively involve the transferor, allowing them to donate the value of their assets to social or environmental causes, through a method of withdrawal with donation.


In addition to material recovery: storytelling services and copy editing

Our mission does not stop at material recovery. Neakosmo offers storytelling and copy editing services to effectively communicate the sustainable and social actions of companies that give their assets. This not only increases visibility, but also improves the image of the brand, showing a tangible commitment to a better future.


A circular chain for a sustainable future

By connecting the availability of appliances used with the market, Neakosmo contributes to creating a circular chain that favors reuse and recycling. Not only do we work with equipment stock distributors, but also with associations and beneficial entities. This expands our social impact and helps us to achieve a common goal: a more sustainable world.


Future certification and sustainability

Neakosm does not stop there. We are working on the certification of our methodology and CO2 credits created during reuse operations. This will allow us to precisely trace our environmental impact and continue looking for innovative ways to promote sustainability.


In a world in which sustainability is more important than ever, Neakosm is at the forefront of the transformation. Through technology, collaboration and commitment, we are building a future in which the IT assets at the end of life are not only waste, but precious resources that can contribute to a better world.