Trasformare l'Innovazione Tecnologica in Impatto Sociale e Sostenibile con NEAKOSMO - NEAKOSMO

Transform technological innovation into social and sustainable impact with Neakosm

Technological innovation can do much more than improving the performance of electronic devices. With Neakosm, innovation also extends to social impact and sustainability, creating a bridge between the technological advancement and the good of society. In collaboration with our customers, we are able to build tangible social and sustainable initiatives that place people at the center of our mission.


100% Social: Building computer classes for community and needy schools

With Neakosm, technology is not just a means of improving the lives of individuals and communities. It is also a tool for education and the opportunity. In accordance with our customers, we can allocate part of the harmful hardware to the creation of computer classrooms for schools and disadvantaged communities. Customers provide the hardware, Neakosm verifies and repairs the device, and then delivers it into the hands of those who will have the maximum advantage. This initiative transforms obsolete hardware into a precious resource for education, opening the doors to new opportunities for future generations.


Towards a sustainable future: to donate revenue for social and environmental associations

Sustainability is an integral part of Neakosm's mission. To deal with social and environmental challenges, we offer our customers a way to donate the income of computer hardware transactions to organizations for social and environmental purposes. In this perspective, Neakosmo actively participates in donations, adding further benefits. For each transaction, we contribute with 10% of the total amount, thus amplifying the positive impact that we can generate together.


The future is now: the impact of Neakosm on society and the environment

With Neakosm, the future is not just an abstract idea: it is a tangible and concrete concept. Every step we take, every transaction we take, contributes to social and environmental change. Technological innovation takes on a new meaning, becoming a vehicle for positive transformation. Thanks to the collaboration of our customers, we build a bridge between the reconditioned hardware and the opportunities for the needy communities.


Choose Neakosmo: for a future with real impact

Choosing Neakosm means investing in a better future. It means going beyond commercial transactions, to build significant and lasting relationships. Each reconditioned device is not only a product, but a potential for change. With our social and sustainable initiatives, we bring innovation to a higher level, creating a world in which technology is at the service of people and the planet. Join us on this journey towards a future of real impact.
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