Il Viaggio di Trasformazione di NEAKOSMO: Quando Consulenti Diventano Operatori - NEAKOSMO

Neakosm's transformation journey: when consultants become operators

It was a day like many others, one of those days when the usual scenario in a jacket and tie seemed to outline the professional path. But in that room, at that moment, something was about to change. Five consultants, accustomed to the strategy tables and presentations, were about to embark on a journey to the unknown. They had a bold idea: Neakosm, an idea that would have transformed not only their way of working, but also the way they would look at the world.

From consultants to operators: an epic transformation had started. Temporarily abandoning the jackets and ties, they immersed themselves in a completely different reality. The PowerPoint slides have been replaced by industrial pipeline patterns, and discussions on metrics and KPIs have become conversations on reconditioning skills and material flows.

It was June 2021, and the first concrete step had been taken. The first test of tests was about to be faced. They were no longer just consultants, they had become operators. A new world was opening up before them.

The first withdrawal involved 167 assets, in most computers, from private companies. A variety of brands and models, each with its own story to tell. That load represented much more than simple electronic devices. It was the tangible symbol of the change they were trying to bring to the world. That load had a promise: the promise of a more sustainable future.

The following days were intense, teamwork, tests, tests and iterations. The reconditioning took place at Forfirm, and the enthusiasm was palpable. Step by step, the Neakosm operators were building the future. And then the moment of the sale came. A marketplace has become the showcase for those devices, a place where the rediscovered value was offered to the world. 44.9% of the assets were resold, and 183 internal components found new life.

But they weren't just numbers, they were stories. Stories of devices that had traveled from desks to desks, from offices to houses. Stories of people who had entrusted their secrets and ideas to those computers. And now, thanks to Neakosm, those stories continued.

The average time for analysis and reconditioning, during that end-to-end test, was 29 minutes. And every minute of that time was an investment in change. Each reconditioned appliance was a step towards sustainability. And the average revenue for each asset, € 30.95, was a reward for commitment and dedication.

The journey did not stop there. A second retreat, even more ambitious, saw the involvement of 1003 assets from a primary Italian bank. Multifunction printers, scanner, monitor, telephax and network devices - an assortment of technologies ready for a new life. This time, the challenges were different, but the determination never failed.

The result? An incredible 89% of assets identified as reusable. And so, those devices found a new home, a new destination, thanks to Neakosm. A Dutch distributor has enthusiastically accepted that second life, showing that sustainability and value can go hand in hand.

From consultants to operators, from ideas to reality, Neakosm had taken his first steps with determination. And while those five consultants looked back, they could see the path they had traveled - a path that would have made the world a little more sustainable, a little more aware.

It was just the beginning. An exciting start of a journey that would continue to surprise, inspire and change. A transformation journey that had transcended the jackets and ties, to embrace a wider and more significant reality. A journey called Neakosm.

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