NEAKOSMO, Whirlpool e Italtel insieme per l'iniziativa ReCircleMan finanziata dall'Unione Europea: Rivoluzione Sostenibile nell'Industria Manifatturiera tramite Blockchain - NEAKOSMO

Neakosm, Whirlpool and Italtel together for the Venice -financed Venice initiative: sustainable revolution in the manufacturing industry through Blockchain

Neakosm is proudly one of the founders of the Rectleman initiative together with Whirlpool and Italtel, an ambitious project financed by the European Union that is opening new horizons for sustainability in the manufacturing industry. The goal is clear: use blockchain technologies to enable circular business and recycling models, laying the foundations for a more sustainable and efficient future.


Promote sustainability through blockchain technology

Rectroleman faces a crucial challenge in the manufacturing industry: how to make the production processes more sustainable, circular and respectful of the environment. The project exploits the potential of blockchain technologies to trace and enable circular and recycling business models. This translates into an improved management of the product life cycle, promoting reuse, recycling and remanfacturing.


Focus on traceability for a circular economy

A fundamental pillar of Rectleman is traceability. This key concept is the engine of a transition to a circular economy. Traceability allows you to identify the origins of the materials and their final destiny, opening opportunities to reduce, reuse, remanufectoring or recycling. In addition, it improves the resilience of supply chains, a critical element for business efficiency and sustainability.


Face global challenges with innovation

RECircleman focuses on a crucial aspect in the manufacturing industry: the management of electronic waste (e-waste), one of the faster growth flows of growth in the world, and the tracing of the use of chemicals during the life cycle of the productive process. These aspects are at the center of the Rickleman's mission, with the aim of facing these global challenges with innovative and sustainable solutions.


Towards a green transition in the manufacturing industry

RECircleman aspires to promote a green transition in the manufacturing industry, stimulating the adoption, tracking and demonstration of sustainable approaches. Using an innovative system for managing circular product information based on Blockchain, the project will improve the management of the final stages of the life cycle of the products, focusing on the treatment of electronic waste (Weee) and exhausted oil in the production of appliances. The final goal is to provide essential data to manufacturing operators and stakeholders to implement end -of -life practices, enabling shared and circular business models.


Conclusions: Sustainable Revolution through collaboration

The Rectleman initiative is a tangible example of how innovation and collaboration can lead to a sustainable revolution in the manufacturing industry. Neakosm, Whirlpool and Italtel are together facing global challenges through cutting -edge technologies. This initiative not only marks an important step towards sustainability, but also demonstrates the transformative potential of Blockchain technology. RECircleman represents the future of the manufacturing industry - sustainable, transparent and circular.

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