Message to businesses: make sustainable change a reality with Neakosm

Dear entrepreneurs and decision makers,

Today more than ever, sustainability has become an imperative. We want to introduce you to Neakosmo, the partner who will help you to concretize your commitment to the environment and the future of the next generations. That's why you should consider you to join us:


1. Measureable sustainability: transform your environmental imprint into tangible actions

With Neakosm, the adoption of sustainable practices is not only a promise, but something measurable. We withdraw your used IT devices and go to reuse, reducing the environmental impact in a tangible way. We provide you with concrete data through the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) analysis, which you can incorporate into your reporting. Show your commitment to sustainability through concrete indicators such as DNF and ESG.


2. Economic value: do not dispose of, but to sell at the market price

With Neakosm, your old devices are not waste, but precious resources. We evaluate your devices and send you a purchase proposal at the market price. Not only will you contribute to reducing waste, but also to obtain economic value from your used IT assets.


3. Track and safety: complete control for your tranquility

Track and safety are fundamental. With our advanced management system based on blockchain and standard numbers, we follow the assets from your warehouse to their final destination. You can be sure of the exact location of each appliance. And not only that: all our partners in the supply chain are verified through rigorous AML, Kyc and Sanctions processes, guaranteeing a safe and reliable operation.


4. Social impact: gives for a better future

In addition to the environmental benefit, we offer the opportunity to make a social difference. By requesting the withdrawal of your old appliances, you can choose to donate a part to active non-profit entities in the environmental, social and educational sphere. Your contribution will not only help to reduce waste, but will have a positive impact on the communities and causes that matter.


We invite you to be part of this change. With Neakosmo, transform your commitment to sustainability into tangible and significant actions. Join us in opening the way to a better future for all of us.



The Neakosmo team
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