Investire nel Futuro del Pianeta Attraverso il Rinnovamento Hardware e il Rispetto delle Normative e degli Standard Etici - NEAKOSMO

Invest in the future of the planet through hardware renewal and compliance with ethical regulations and standards

In the heart of Neakosm, the hardware renewal process represents a concrete investment for our planet, guided by compliance with ethical regulations and standards. Facing the challenge of innovation and sustainability, Neakosm undertakes to achieve ambitious objectives that will have a significant impact on the environment and corporate responsibility.


Global challenge: reuse of resources and reduction of electrical and electronic waste

One of the key points of Neakosmo is the goal of reusing 75% on average of the assets collected. This ambitious milestone not only reduces the waste of precious resources, but also contributes to reducing the huge amount of electrical and electronic waste that afflict our planet. Hardware renewal stands as a concrete alternative to traditional disposal, showing that sustainability can go hand in hand with technological progress.


Plant reduction: CO2 and waste

The challenge of sustainability also translates into tangible figures. Neakosm aims to reduce 60-100% of electrical and electronic waste, contributing significantly to the fight against pollution. In addition, Neakosm's commitment extends to the 70% reduction of CO2 emissions and waste compared to traditional disposal. These figures not only demonstrate the effectiveness of the actions taken, but represent a concrete step towards a cleaner and sustainable future.


Transparency and responsibility: partners and life cycle of IT resources

Neakosm does the approach of transparency and responsibility. All partners of the value chain, including customers and suppliers, are carefully examined through Kyca, AML and Sanctions procedures. In addition, the life cycle of IT assets is 100% traced and visible to suppliers and external auditors on request. This commitment to transparency not only reflects Neakosm's attention towards quality, but also underlines its dedication to compliance with regulations and regulations.


Account for our efforts: LCA report and evaluation of the sustainability of the supply chain

Neakosm does not only act, but demonstrates the results of his efforts. The company will provide the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) report in accordance with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report, which includes Scope 3 emissions and aligns with GRI-305 standards. In addition, Neakosmo will evaluate the sustainability of the supply chain and stakeholders according to the GRI-308, guaranteeing a measurable commitment to sustainability.


Neakosm as an example of commitment for a sustainable future

In summary, Neakosmo emerges as an example of how innovation and sustainability can converge in a concrete action for the good of the planet and society. Through ambitious objectives and measurable results, Neakosmo shows that hardware renewal is not only a corporate investment, but also a tangible contribution to face the global challenges of pollution and waste of resources. With attention to transparency, ethics and responsibility, Neakosm leads the way to a more sustainable future for the electronic industry.
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